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There are more than 5000 Crores of Rupees worth of dividends declared by publicly listed companies in India that have NOT been encashed by the owners or the heirs of the company stock

This number becomes much higher when one adds the list of unclaimed Mutual Fund dividends, unclaimed bank deposits and unclaimed Insurance proceeds.This can be because the company may not have been notified:

  • The Shareholder has moved to another address.
  • Marital Status may have changed.
  • May have forgotten that one owns them.
  • May have lost the original shares certificates.
  • May not have tansferred the ownership correctly.
  • May have been in estate dispute
  • May have been in Government Custody
  • A person may have died and heirs may not know about his/her ownership of such shares.
Moved, Left No Address No Such Street No Such Address Rest In Piece Name Change

This is a One Stop Service.We deal with all the legal procedural, company related and Government related paperwork. No hassles for you to navigate the murky waters of the bureaucracy. We take care of working the complex process of the recovery with the Company,Government and the Courts if needed.

Our Services

We offer a range of services from simply collecting dividends to complex Estate resolution. Some of the Services are:



The process of proving a Will is valid and thereafter administering the estate of a dead person according to the terms of the Will

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Letter of Administration

A formal document nominating a specified person to take over, administer and dispose of an estate when there is no executor to carry out the testator’s will.

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Succession Certificate

A succession certificate is issued by a civil court to the legal heirs of a deceased person. If a person dies without leaving a will.

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Recovery of Unclaimed Shares

Investors who have invested and has lost the track of their investments details or misplaced the papers. Such shares remain unclaimed for 7 years and it is

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Recovery of Unclaimed Dividends

Dividend is paid by the company but have not been collected/claimed by the shareholder. Such dividend remains unclaimed for 7 years and it is

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Opening of DEMAT

Demat is converting the physical shares into digital form. There are various procedures and clearance require for the conversion of shares into demat account.

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Resolving Signature Mismatch Issue

Wealth Locater will assist in preparation of affidavits and other documentation including notarization wherever required and representing to the company

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Resolving Address Change Issue

Investors whose address have changed or migrated to other country, wealth locater helps them by representing them in the company and arranging

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Obtaining Duplicate Shares Certificates

Wealth Locater will represent investors, holding shares in physical form but not having the certificates in their position, for lodging of FIR and preparing other

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